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Integrative Health Coach - Aleks Konakov

Aleks has an extensive health coaching background that spans over more than three decades.

From a very young age, Aleks was taken under the wing of and inspired by her father who was an Olympic contender and grandmother, a competitive gymnast. She spent her childhood enjoying all sports, forms of fitness and healthy living, herself a competitive swimmer and martial artist at the time. It could be said that it ran deep in her genetics but it didn't safeguard her from being struck down by an almost fatal virus as a pre-teen that literally changed the course of her life.

Despite the strike of a serious and long-term physical illness, it didn't dampen her innate will to push on. Her determination was initially both a strength and a weakness. Knowing how hard to push became a delicate and often frustrating balancing act through the changing seasons of life - teenage years, academic years, childbearing and professional years, each one coming with it's own rules that would change the game and require further reinvention. However it was through these challenges that she yearned to learn more, never give up and pass this knowledge on to others.

She has studied nutrition, wellness, sports and fitness coaching since 1998. The mix of multiple academic qualifications and her own health journey has made Aleks a compassionate and professional mentor who lives to share her knowledge for the ultimate benefit of others. She is invested, engaged, understanding, accountable and walks the talk.

Aleks lives in Sydney with her partner and their three children, two dogs and one ragdoll cat. She also owns a successful swim school and is a hugely passionate health practitioner who doesn't mind exploring the globe, learning about and experiencing other cultures including hosting international students and guests in her home.

'We all have our journeys in life and can choose to be connected in the most beautiful and enriching way. Never stop learning, loving, sharing.'

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