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Individualised Health Packages for Everyone

Here you can browse some of the most popular consult topics. It's almost like a menu. You don't have to order only one thing. In fact, health and wellness is so much more than just what we eat. It's what we do, how we do it, when we do it, etc etc. Finding that perfect balance and synergy is where the expertise as a researcher and health professional lies. 

How it starts?

Sessions generally start with a thorough chat and getting to know your needs.

How it proceeds?

Thorough and thoughtful gathering of as much important information as possible and then we get to work.

How it's different?

Some of the many points of difference are a genuine passion coupled with experience that leads us to great solutions and life changing results.

* Apply what works for each individual but we are not afraid to reinvent the wheels either.

* Case by case, treating each client as an individual because there really are so many variables that make up your blueprint.

* Not a one size fits all program. You won't find a downloadable program for a specific health concern or illness.

* No two plans or sessions are ever the same.

* No individual truly seeking to change for the better will remain the same here.

* Sourcing of the best food and lifestyle products and other services eg. Healthy Food Starter Packs, Healthy Lifestyle Hampers, Happy, Healthy Kids Packs, Gift Packs and Hampers to share the love and healthier lifestyle solutions with your family and friends.

* Giving you the tools so that you are in full control of your health moving forward. You will be fully empowered with the ultimate reward being reliant on your self.

How to keep you motivated?

* Mixing up the program so that you get a broad taste and benefit.

* Keeping you motivated, connected and constantly learning. 

* Regular check-ins and check-ups

* Analysing what has been optimal for you

* Fine-tuning

* Saving you time in researching and money that you won't waste in trials and errors.

We also have a LOT of fun because fun helps the learning stick. It's also a very positive influencer of mood, endorphins, memories, mindset and ALL the good stuff!  Yes, we have been known to schedule in comedy and humour in your health plan. Often.

How is commitment guaranteed to you?

The integrative and wholistic approach, personalising each and every client's health agenda and results are our true passion and purpose.

In our opinion, it's always better to give than to receive. Your results are our best reward.

Please do take us up on our FREE VOUCHER offer where this will become very evident ... that we are solely here to support every aspect of building a happier and healthier life for you.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

Wellness & Lifestyle

It's not just about the food. Plans for improving your overall health and lifestyle.

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Healthy Weight Loss & Maintenance

Highly successful, healthy and manageable plans that are sensible and sustainable.


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Healthy Food
Mother & Daughter

Family & Children's General Health

Easy Meal Planning + Shopping & Pantry + Home, Work, School Environments + Cooking Workshops + so much more.

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Women's Health

Pre-Natal + Post-Natal + Pregnancy + Peri-Menopause + Menopause + Hormone related issues + Sleep + Digestion + Energy Levels + Skin + Joints + Mood + Food, Chemical & Environmental Sensitivities ...

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Picnic in the Park
Fresh Produce

Food Allergy Management

We digest this often overwhelming topic by taking all the hard work out for you.

Specific Meal Building + Creative Alternatives + Overall Gut Health + Gluten Sensitivity + Milk Protein Issues + Low FODMAP + Plant Based Guidance + Researching + Targeting the most diverse eating options.

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Cooking Workshops

Always so much fun! Gather your friends + family + or just enjoy a private, one-on-one workshop to apply one of your personalised plans.

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Cooking Class
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