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Finding inspiration #nevergiveup

Let's be honest. There are good days and there are those other days. Most people have them. Adding a compromising health issue or diagnosis to the mix is one of the biggest juggles you might ever find yourself in. On top of trying to live a 'normal' life with all it's basic, daily challenges, you now find yourself pushed to breaking point.

Where to start, where to change, where to find support enough to give yourself the time you need to heal. I can tell you now it's an ongoing journey and it can't all fall into place overnight.

The important thing is to find time everyday to research, make changes, tweaks and just keep making health your first priority.

There are of course short cuts and that is finding other people who have had very similar circumstances to yours and now share their journey. What worked. What didn't. Keeping in mind we are all unique and there will be the 'tweaks' to suit you.

Just never, ever stop searching, especially on those good days. They are the days to maximise your energy and put some plans into place.

We absolutely loved this YouTube video. It applies to so many of us, not only those who have struggled with ME/CFS.

I love how much we can learn from each other. Sadly so many of us haven't found our wellness solutions from trained professionals. The answers often lie in our community and sharing stories. Not every solution is in a textbook or in a clinical trial using 'healthy populations'.

Keep going. Keep searching. There is always hope. There is always a new day.

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