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Kids in the Kitchen

There really is no greater health than wealth and this is a concept that needs to be passed on to your children from as early as possible.

Why should my children learn to cook?



Knowledge as power

Life changing in a positive way


Sustaining life


Personal satisfaction




Universal language






The list could go on and on. The question should be, why shouldn't I teach my children to cook. If anyone has the answer to that, I would love to hear it.

From a very young age, most of us have had to eat. Somewhere along the way, certain external factors influence how this changes. Sometimes for the better, sadly these days, often times for the worse.

We have food sensitivities and allergies at an all time high. Fussy eaters are also a new age phenomenon. Marketing, advertising, busy parents doing their best to fill lunchboxes with the most convenient options creating a FOMO effect in the school playground.

What if we just went back to basics from the ground level. What if we empowered our children to do with food what they do with breathing and thinking, making it a natural, instinctive, primal action rather than 3-5 times per day plonking in front of them a ready made menagerie of meaningless choice.

Where do we start?

Involving children in the entire process. For some, that might be growing their own food. For others it's making the food grocery list together, planning some meals and recipes and then 'gathering' aka shopping to see the plan come into fruition.

Not only are we forming beautiful bonds with our little people, we are sparking their inner ability to sustain themselves. This is very empowering and that spark always comes packaged with so much joy and a tonne of other positive emotions and behaviours - no additives or artificial flavours!! That's the type of packaging we love here!!

Back from the modern day hunting gathering process (aka the shops), sorting and unpacking the food together once again gives them a sense of purpose and independence. Also helps as they get older to avoid the 'where's this, where's that, there's nothing to eat in this house' show.

They become so humbly important and confident when they are asked to 'please put that beautiful fruit in the basket for mummy/daddy' or 'we will quickly marinate that chicken before we put it in the fridge'. Every child thrives when they feel a sense of belonging. It's the little things that count. They are part of feeding the family, sustaining life, improving organisational structures - if this isn't a vital life skill, I don't know what is.

Next we move on to giving them scaled amounts of food to handle and prepare themselves. Obviously this is age dependant but completely doable from first solids. If they can hold a spoon, they can 'create' a meal. OK, maybe not a meal, but a feed in some capacity. The whole point is, creating first steps of what will be one of the most important lifelong skills. It's all in the presentation and delivery. What you say to them, how you say it, the level of importance placed on certain food choices. It's all part of the journey. Again we say, the sooner the better.

Have you watched the joy of children role playing families and how they always gravitate towards feeding the baby, making a special culinary creation in their pretend or toy kitchen? It's completely innate. Somewhere along the line, if we don't make it real, the skills get lost or swapped for convenient and unhealthy alternatives. The psychology is complicated but again, we have nothing to lose by giving our children the skills to make the healthiest choices available to them at any given point in their lives. Solid foundations are the key.

We all know that children do what children see. Be mindful of that when you're preparing food, cooking, eating, discussing even discarding. They really do watch and learn so much during these times.

Having a family hands on together preparing a meal and then sharing that meal. It's one of the greatest simple joys in life. Creating those memories in a loving and positive way are a gift your children will take with them forever and hopefully pass on to their children and their children. Create now the legacy you want to leave. Happy, healthy, empowered, independent, compassionate, vibrant, intelligent individuals.

Yes it can all start with the food!

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