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Turbo Cheese and Leek 'Pastry' Parcels with Kale and Pumpkin Soup

Faux pastry, faux gozleme, golden, flaky, crispy - you can't believe it's not butter I mean pastry!

Healthy, beyond quick and delicious, we always mean it when we say it...or actually, write it (unless you watch the video, click below).

Here is an option for those of us who adore pastry but (a) don't have the time to make but don't like the shop bought ones full of fillers, additives, rancid stuff and goodness knows what AND/OR (b) don't have the time to wait around for it to bake AND/OR (c) don't really want or need the ridiculous amount of calories most of them are packerooneed with.

Our healthy cheat of all cheats...Mountain Bread Wraps. In this recipe, we are using the spelt one which is literally spelt flour, filtered water and iodised salt. The less ingredients in anything in a packet, the better. If you must packet, this is the way to packet.

But first, let there be SOUP...

Kale and Pumpkin Soup Recipe

1/4 of a pumpkin (or as much as you like or need as the rules to this are flexible)

2 cups fresh kale (remove the tough, stalky bits)

+ can also add 1/2 chopped carrot for extra sweetness

Enough water to just under cover the veg

Salt & Pepper

Fresh minced Garlic (at the end)

Boil until soft and blitz. Add the garlic at this point.

Leek and Cheese Parcels Recipe (If you can even call it that. It's more an innovation and assembly guide)

4 Mountain Bread Wraps (again, or as many as you need)

4 slices of cheese

1 Sautéed Leek

In the middle of each piece of the wrap, pop your piece of cheese with leek piled on top.

Folded side down into sandwich press.

Can add a little more cheese on top.

Drizzle of Olive Oil.

Cook until golden, to your liking.

Serve along side the soup, a dip, as an entree, hors d'oeuvre, cocktail party or picnic food. We love to produce these little masterpieces of versatility BUT they must be healthy and painfully delicious and where possible, made in the speed of light!

Can I tell you - there are soooo many options for these glorious little parcels.

Think leftovers, vegetables, mince, caramelised stuff, even dessert options like apple and cinnamon, tiramisu. OK, OK, we will be posting some of the variations in the future.

Would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or questions.

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