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Know your body. Know it's fuel. Think before you chew.

Toxic ingredients in mainstream confectionery - a children's favourite!

Interesting to use a potentially carcinogenic sunscreen ingredient in lollies consumed by children and think it’s ok!

I have personally had an immediate reaction after eating a cake with titanium dioxide in the ingredients.

Normally I would say avoid most mainstream supermarket packet foods but in my case, it was a ‘fresh’ cake from a well known Sydney celebrity pastry chef. The titanium dioxide was added to make the appearance extra white.

Within minutes of eating it, and only a small amount, my heart rate was over 200 beats and needless to say, I wasn’t feeling my best.

We are certainly living in times when less needs to be more and if you want to keep putting things into your body without really knowing the source or ingredients, prepare for the slow burn of the damage.

In some cases, it’s obvious and immediate which is the silver lining of the increasing number of allergies we see these days. In many cases though, most people are not aware of the impact.

Know your body. Know it’s fuel. #staysafe

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